Jual Meguiars G2316 Odor Eliminator 16 oz Pengharum Mobil Penghilang Bau Mobil - 6 Botol - dg Harga Murah


  • Dengan cepat menghilangkan bau
  • Menghilangkan bau asap, bau hewan peliharaan, bau makanan, dan lain - lain
  • Gmapang digunakan, tinggal disemprot dan bau akan hilang permanen
  • Meninggalkan suasana yang bersih dan fresh


Harga per 6 botol (@isi 16 Oz)

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Meguiar's G2316 Odor Eliminator - 16 oz.

Meguiar's Odor Eliminator is the permanent solution for quickly removing unwanted odors. Unlike household air fresheners and odor removers that cover up odors, Meguiar’s unique odor-eliminating technology will not release the odor when the interior gets wet and heats up.

Permanently eliminates odors and leaves a contemporary mandarin/cedarwood scent!

This is not your ordinary air freshener or a strong overlap fragrance designed to “cover up” offensive odors. Meguiar’s Car Odor Eliminator combines a special blend of advanced ingredients that do far more than merely mask the problem — they obliterate it — literally eliminating the odor at its source!

All fragrances, good or bad, are derived from the chemical break down of organic matter. (This is how flower oils and essences are used to create pleasant perfumes and air fresheners.) When you walk into a room or get into a car and notice a foul reek hanging in the air—it is caused by an organic source: Spilled food decomposing; pet hair oils kicking up a biting musk; human sweat and body oils festering in gym clothes or on upholstery. Ugggh! Whatever the origin, it’s organic.

Now, you could spray some perfumed air freshener and hope it goes away. Disinfectants sometimes offer a short-term fix, but if that dreadful smell is in a small area, exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations and varying degrees of humidity (like in your car), it will return. UNLESS you use Meguiar’s Car Odor Eliminator!

Meguiar’s uses the best of modern day encapsulation technology to develop this extraordinary odor eradicator that they aptly call “Odor Eliminator.” It works by attacking the chemical structure of the organic material, destroying the cause of the unpleasant smell. Your car is left fresh-smelling and clean, not steeped in perfumes! The mandarin/cedarwood scent is pleasant, not overpowering.

If you’re faced with tough odors lingering in your car; spilled milk souring, smoke lingering, or pet odors—don’t suffer through it, do something about it! If it’s offensive, eliminate it! The science behind Meguiar’s Car Odor Eliminator is proven to instantly stamp out the world’s worst smells... permanently!

16 oz.

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