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Diamond Cut Compound 2.0 is a super fast, low swirl compound. It’s the answer for high solids paint; cuts super fast with minimal swirls. Successfully tested in high solids production shops. Low-dusting, low splatter formula.

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M8501 Diamond Cut Compound - 1 Gallon (3.78 Liter)

  • It's the answer for high solids paint; cuts super fast with minimal swirls
  • Successfully tested in high solids production shops
  • Low-dusting, low splatter formula

Designed for today’s high solids paints.

Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2.0 is fast-cutting compound for paint correction and swirl removal. Use #85 with your rotary polisher to level severe scratches and defects on automotive paints with a high solids content, such as those used by Mercedes and Ford. Diamond Cut Compound is low dusting and leaves minimal swirls.

Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2.0 rates a 10 on Meguiars scale of cutting power. It uses diminishing abrasive technology to level sanding scratches and severe paint defects using your rotary polisher. Yet, because the abrasives gradually disappear, this compound finishes with only light swirls, which can be easily removed with a finishing polish.

This aggressive formula works well on today’s harder automotive paints, known as “high solids”. These paints can be more difficult to correct with conventional polishes but they’re no problem for Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2.0. The hi-tech abrasives boost cutting power to work more efficiently on hard paints while still finishing like a polish.

Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2.0 is paintable and safe for use in a paint shop environment. Use on OEM paints, refinished paints, clear coats, high solids, lacquers, and enamels. Its Buffered Abrasive Action™ provides an added level of safety to polish all these paints as gently as possible while still removing severe defects.

Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2.0 is recommended for rotary use. Its professional quality formula is designed for the high speed cutting that can only be provided by a circular/rotary buffer. For heavy oxidation and severe sanding scratches, use an 8.5 wool pad. Follow up with Meguiars #83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish and an orange pad to polish the paint to a high gloss.

To restore the sleek shine of your vehicle, use Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2.0 to remove severe paint defects and polish to a gloss. Meguiars professional grade compound is proven fast and effective on today’s high solids paints.

128 fl. oz.

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